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January 10, 2015 § Leave a comment

Hello everybody!

I finally decided to take the next step and am working now with a self-hosted website.

You can find sparklingcrane now on here: I hope you will come by and keep following my adventures!

Thanks so much for reading and your support!

Best, Sarah

Goodbye 2014 – Welcome 2015

January 2, 2015 § 3 Comments

Hello to all of you!

First of all: A Happy New Year to everybody around the world!


I am convinced that this year is gonna be fabulous for all of us! Important and wonderful things are going to happen and we should make sure that we seize every day!

Thinking about this post I decided to summarize this past year and write about what has happened here on the blog. It was a good year for sparklingcrane. First, it all started this year in September and it has been going great since then. And I need to thank all of you my lovely readers for that! Without you this little corner of the world wouldn’t be what it is and I hope that for 2015 it will become even greater. So here we go:

2014 Collage

  1. We spent a wonderful summer-time in Mexico with Jav’s family (and mine) which you can read about here.
  2. Within this trip we also went to see my amazing host family in the U.S., Philly, I wrote about it in my posts about Philadelphia (part 1part 2 and part 3).
  3. While I was there I also met my friend Julie from high school and she was so kind to write a little guest post for sparklingcrane, you can read all about it in her college gift guide.
  4. The Manhattan Skyline was another highlight we enjoyed and I posted about it here.
  5. One of your favorite was my series, 3 Days in New York, you can check out day 1, day 2 and day 3!
  6. Shortly after arriving back to Germany my Mexican sister came to spend the holidays with us and we had a great first night in Berlin, so read my post!
  7. For the holidays this year I chose to write about Christmas celebrations around the world. You can find the United States, China, Mexiko
  8. …and last but not least Germany!
  9. We had wonderful days of Christmas (link) and I was invited by Julie to write a little blog post – Christmas around the World.

And what is going to happen in 2015? I have a million of ideas for the blog, some wonderful treats for you, new travel adventures and a lot more! To keep you tuned, here is a little heads up:

Collage 2015

Collage 2015 II

  1. A winter-wonderland in Germany.
  2. Good luck in Prague.
  3. An art event in Magdeburg.
  4. Cathedrals and more about my home town.
  5. An afternoon in princeton.
  6. Dresden and its sights.
  7. Opera, castles and Freud in Vienna.

I thank you so much for reading today and keep checking in here on sparklingcrane! Happy New Year and happy reading!



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