College student gift guide – a guest post by Julie

December 22, 2014 § 3 Comments

Hey everybody!
How are you doing? Today I have a special treat for you: My friend Julie was so kind to write a little guest post here on sparklingcrane and made a last-minute gift guide for college students. If you are a procrastinator like me you will love her suggestions :)! But let’s Julie start:

Hi, I’m Julie Hood! Sarah and I met back in high school when she did an exchange program with my high school in Pennsylvania, USA and we’ve stayed in touch ever since!(Check out the dorky picture of us some years ago at the bottom of this post, as compared to the one we took when Sarah visited Pennsylvania this winter.) I blog about teaching Español, home improvement projects, married life, and crafty-random things over at A Hopeful Hood.

I started my blog back in my freshman year of college, and since I only just graduated college in May 2014, the majority of my posts are from a college student’s perspective. With Christmas just around the corner (and in case you’re like me and somehow wait really late in the season to finish Christmas-shopping), I’ve put together a list of last-minute Christmas gifts for the college student in your life.


1. a restaurant giftcard (for the socialite/foodie)
Photo 2--restaurant-gift-card
2. a carry-on that meets international requirements (for the traveler)
Photo 3--international-carry-on
3. …and a personalized luggage tag!
Photo 4--personalized-luggage-tag
4. concert tickets (for the music-loving college student)
5. this t-shirt (for the marathoner of netflix)
Photo 5--netflix-tshirt
6. an ihome for the iphone 5 or 6
Photo 6--ihome
7. apartment gear, like a set of wine glasses or this throw pillow
Photo 7--throw-pillow-world-traveler
8. a laptop bag, of which amazon has plentyyy
Photo 8--laptop-bag
9. a keurig desktop brewing system (and some k-cups!)
Photo 9--desktop-keurig
10. some stocking stuffers like chapstick, coffee shop giftcards, dvds, snacks, nail polish

And now for pictures of Sarah and me:

julie and me


What are some presents that you’re excited to give this year?


Thank you all so much for reading today and a special thanks to Julie for guest posting! I love that we have stayed on contact over these years and can now interact like this. Don’t forget to check our her cool blog! 

All the best to you all and stay tuned!

xx Sarah


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