Celebrating Christmas around the World: Toluca, México

December 17, 2014 § 3 Comments

Hola a todos!

How are you doing today? I am happy to introduce you to the Christmas celebration in my second home – México! As some of you may know Javier is Mexican and therefore I spent some time with him and his family in his home country. IMG_2925

In México, again, Christmas was pretty different to me, but I enjoyed the time a lot! Well, first of all, the weather is so different to our cold, snowy winters here in Germany. Over there it was mainly sunny and warm during the day but colder in the night. IMG_2840

For Christmas Eve we went to have a nice dinner with one side of the family (2 aunts + family, 2 uncles +family, grandparents). Before the meal started we were doing a little play, in which some of the group went outside to wander around the garden like pilgrims and singing and asking for asylum just as Maria and Joseph on the same night. We also had a big piñata in form of a star hanging in the garden and all the kids took turn to hit it in order to open it and get the candy that were hidden inside.


After our meal we began to sing karaoke and talk and laugh. Later during the night we started to exchange some gifts, but each family had only bought one gift for one other member. This is because in México usually the Three Mighty Kings are delivering the presents for the kids no earlier than on the 6th of January. IMG_2898IMG_2852

On December 25th we went to see the the other half of the family, again with a lot of family members. We were enjoying delicious food, such as turkey, ham, pambazos, filled chilies and much more. IMG_2905

All in all I had a wonderful time spending Christmas with Javiers family in México and I am eager to come back for the same time of the year!

Thank you all so much for reading today and make sure to stay tuned:)!



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