Celebrating Christmas around the World: Philadelphia, U.S.

December 3, 2014 § Leave a comment

A lovely third of December to all of you!

I have had the amazing opportunities to spend periods of my early life in different countries, for different reasons. I spent an exchange year with a wonderful host family in the U.S., was living several months in China, taking care of two adorable little girls and living with their family. And last but not least I have spent multiple times in Mexico being hosted by the wonderful family of my boyfriend.

I cannot even describe how thankful I am to have gotten all of these chances to make the most experiences I can and grow and learn as much as possible!

With my New York series ending and christmas coming up I decided to do a feature on christmas. Haha, so original, right? :). Anyway, every week from now until christmas I will give you a little inside in one of these countries that I have been living in and tell you some facts about their christmas traditions. Starting of today with Philadelphia, U.S.:


The christmas I spent there was probably the most similar to Germany, compared to other experiences I had. But there were still a lot of things that surprised me and I hadn’t seen like this before. The christmas lights were one of those things. Yes, we do have lights hung up in our windows and even in our gardens. But never like you can see it over there.P1060166

Of course we Germans are all about baking, therefore I was thrilled to find out that my host mom was an outrageous and passionate baker. She taught me so many things about this art and made christmas time so amazing! Every year she is doing an advent calendar on her site, check it out and you will also find a lot of great (christmas) recipes: http://www.christmas-baking.com/ .CRW_7803P1060183


Also the look of the christmas trees and Santa Claus were pretty similar to what I am used to in Germany. The order of festivities however was a little bit different. With my host family we spent Christmas Eve with family and exchanged only one gift. The 25th we went to spent more time with family, ate a lot of christmas cookies and probably other kind of food which I don’t remember and exchanged the rest of the gifts. It was a great christmas!CRW_8152 CRW_8144 CRW_8136

Looking back I still like the pictures a lot and during my time in the U.S. I learned a lot about photography as well due to my host dad Jorj!

Stay tuned because next week part two of Christmas around the World is coming up!



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