Welcome Hermana – One night in Berlin!

November 15, 2014 § Leave a comment

Hello there my lovely readers!

My sister (Javier’s sister) just arrived here with us and I am sooo happy and excited to spend time with her. First of all I baked her this Frankfurter Kranz  following my grandma’s recipe and then we picked her up in Berlin and spent some hours in our pretty capital to check out a few of the main sides and to give her a first impression of Europe and Germany in particular.

But see yourself!



Victory Column – Siegessäule


Victory Column – Siegessäule


Victory Column – Siegessäule


Brandenburg Gate – Brandenburger Tor


Brandenburg Gate – Brandenburger Tor


It was a great first night for us and I am glad I got some decent impressions to share with you. Have you ever been to Berlin? How was your experience?

See you all tomorrow!



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