Where I would like to be #10

November 29, 2014 § Leave a comment

A beautiful and cold (:)) good morning to all of you!

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Germany but anyway it’s always a good time to say thanks! So…: Thank you so much for reading here on sparklingcrane today and everyday if you are a steady reader :)! Each time my readership is growing and it makes me so happy and thankful for you guys who make this blog so great! I hope you will keep coming back and enjoy to read this blog of mine. And if you have any questions or wishes for new blog posts, just shoot me an email (sarahfhse@yahoo.com) or simply leave a comment or contact me on any other social media.

These days I have been thinking back of our summer 2013. We first went to hungary and enjoyed some nice time at the baltic sea and then we went to Vienna on our way back home. Vienna is such a great city! It is classy and historical, but also modern and hip. I will give you some of our impressions today – and who knows, I might be back there pretty soon :)!

Wien #2 Collage Wien Collage


Have you ever been to Vienna? Would you like to go?



What I am listening to #9

November 27, 2014 § Leave a comment

Hey you guys!

Since I skipped last weeks music posts, here today I am back with it. And with all this New York stuff going on here on the blog I chose a wonderful song by one of our favorite singers Frank Sinatra.

I hope you love it as much as we do!

Have a wonderful Thursday!


3 days in New York, day 3

November 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

Hello to all of you!

How are you? Thanks for reading today! In case you were already a little bit excited, here it comes: the final day of our trip to New York. This last day in the city we woke up early and took the metro with ALL our luggage and then went to Macy’s, got some breakfast and simply sat outside in the sun in the middle of the street enjoying as much of the atmosphere as we could before leaving and flying back to Germany.

Afterwards we took some pictures with the Empire State Building and then it was already time to meet with the lovely Anne Mendelson for a delicious Korean lunch.

IMG_7853 copyIMG_7867IMG_7860 copy

And that’s how our time in Manhattan ended. It was a great time and adventure that we had together and we will certainly come back (soon:))!

I hope you enjoyed my little travel journey and don’t forget to stay tuned because so many excited things are coming up here on sparklingcrane!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



Where I would like to be #9

November 22, 2014 § Leave a comment

Hola and Hallo and Hello everybody!

Thank you so much for reading today. So many exciting things are about to happen here on sparklingcrane. Don’t miss it! But for now let’s start with another post on places that I have visited and love to remember and think back. You’ve probably figured by now that we went to New York this October. And one of my favorite places in the city that never sleeps is Central Park. Not only because I am a huge fan of Friends, but also I love nature and being outside, taking walks and listening to animals and plants around.

So I simply picked my favorite shots from our (long!) and wonderful walk through Central Park in order to share them with you. I hope you join me in dreaming a little bit about this beautiful place (or maybe you are there right now yourself, then you don’t need to be dreaming:)).

Central Park collage

What do you guys think? Have you been there? Or do you wanna go some day?

Some more thoughts for the starting weekend:

  • baking!: anis cookies and lemon cupcakes
  • going to the Nike outlet
  • a family birthday event
  • grocery shopping

What are your plans?

See you all tomorrow!



3 days in New York, day 2

November 19, 2014 § Leave a comment

A great Wednesday to all of you!

Today part two of our trip to New York, Manhattan. Looking through the pictures I noticed that we did a lot on this day! First of all we went to the Rockefeller Center to check out the ice rink which was inaugurated for this year on just that day.IMG_7514IMG_7517Then we kept walking through the city, passing NBC Studios and ended up on Times Square. IMG_7538IMG_7529IMG_7581IMG_7577Our next goal was Central Park. We took a nice long walk, checking out Strawberry fields, Belvedere Castle, the Shakespeare Garden and ended at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Unfortunately we only had like 1,5 hours left before closing and you can simply spend days/weeks in there! Anyway we had a great time!IMG_7670IMG_7818To finish this wonderful day we decided to walk back towards Times Square, passing the LOVE stature and enjoying the city during dawn.IMG_7829 IMG_7847IMG_7842


Have you ever been to New York? What was your experience like?


P.S: Don’t forget to keep reading, because day 3 is coming up!


Pinterest finds

November 16, 2014 § Leave a comment

Hello everybody and a marvelous Sunday to you!

How is your weekend going? Any special activities this week? As always I have been browsing on pinterest this week and pinning a lot of things that just look too cool! So, check yourself what I have been up to on my boards:

Pinterest collage 15. 11.

  1. These roasted cauliflowers look so delicious, don’t you think?!
  2. Did you know that I am a crazy scarf lady? I love them and I have so many! But this one is still missing in my collection, so maybe for christmas…?
  3. Aren’t these hot chocolate cupcakes so cute? I adore them!
  4. And yes, winter is coming up, so I do need to prepare :)! Maybe will be making these babies soon.
  5. Definitely need new boots also and these look really pretty.
  6. Not only because thanksgiving is coming up, but you should simply always have this in mind.

Let me know what you think and what you have been checking this week!



Welcome Hermana – One night in Berlin!

November 15, 2014 § Leave a comment

Hello there my lovely readers!

My sister (Javier’s sister) just arrived here with us and I am sooo happy and excited to spend time with her. First of all I baked her this Frankfurter Kranz  following my grandma’s recipe and then we picked her up in Berlin and spent some hours in our pretty capital to check out a few of the main sides and to give her a first impression of Europe and Germany in particular.

But see yourself!



Victory Column – Siegessäule


Victory Column – Siegessäule


Victory Column – Siegessäule


Brandenburg Gate – Brandenburger Tor


Brandenburg Gate – Brandenburger Tor


It was a great first night for us and I am glad I got some decent impressions to share with you. Have you ever been to Berlin? How was your experience?

See you all tomorrow!



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