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October 12, 2014 § Leave a comment

A happy Sunday to you all!

Over here we have pretty rainy weather, but even though I miss the beautiful fall sunshine, this cloudy weather is just perfect to snuggle with a blanket, a good book (any suggestions, I seriously need to find a good new book to start reading?!) and a hot cup of tea. Cozy is like my favorite adjective, you know:)! And this time is also perfect to share with you my weekly finds on pinterest.

pinterest finds

  1. I recently had one of these caramel salted cupcakes and it was delicious! I need to track down a recipe to prepare some of my own. I will let you know once I found a good one:).
  2. These are always good at this time of the year – did you know that fall is my second favorite season? Guess which is my favorite :)?!
  3. I just loved this gorgeous necklace. What do you guys think?
  4. Speaking of tea, it’s like my favorite beverage ever and I drink it all the time, especially in the fall and winter months!
  5. If I have an old comfy house one day, this table will go into the kitchen ;).
  6. And I also found some more diy stuff for these months. Has any of you tried any of the ideas?

I wish you all a fabulous rest weekend and see you tomorrow!


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