A Post on Mexican Food

September 24, 2014 § 2 Comments

Hey you guys, I hope you are all doing great!

Altogether I have been in Mexico already for about 6 months. Time for a post on the food! See yourself:

Let’s begin with breakfast, which is served around 11 am and starts of with a delicious serving of fruit. No matter whether it is mango, watermelon, apple, guava, tuna, grapefruit, papaya or orange, it’s always refreshing and gives you the perfect vitamin start for your day.

fruit salad with joghurt and oats

watermelon and herbal tea

The following dish is usually much bigger than I am used from breakfasts in Germany, the U.S. or even in China. Next to the light versions like sandwiches or any kinds of eggs (scrambled, omelet, sunny side up) the most popular and to me the most unusual breakfast dish is a huge piece of meat with some beans and salsa on the side. Another popular thing are all kinds of rolled corn tortillas filled with chicken, whether enchiladas rojas (with red salsa) or verde (green salsa) or enfrijoladas (covered with bean puree).

tuna sandwich

tuna sandwichIMG_3402



Around 3pm another hot meal is served, starting of with a soup or mexican rice (rice with tomato sauce and vegetables) and followed by tacos (any kind of filled corn tortilla), chicken with mole (a rich sauce made out of more than 100 ingredients, such as nuts, chile, chocolate, almonds, tortilla, cookies …), milanesa, pambazos (my favorite!), which is a certain kind of bread dipped in chile and filled with potatoes and chorzio, or sometimes even pasta.

creamy pea soup

creamy pea soup


Mole with chicken


pambazo con papas y chorizo

pambazo con papas y chorizo

And of course let’s not forget about the corn tortillas that are served with almost every meal!


Late at night (9/10 pm) another small meal is served, usually some kind of sweet bread with milk. On special occasions however it can be tamales, a traditional dish made out of corn (masa) and flavored either sweet or with salsas and chiles, served with atole, a sweet drink made out of rice or corn.

tamal con atole

Have a wonderful Thursday!


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