Fall necessities

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Hey you guys!

Today I’d like to introduce you to some items that I am constantly using and loving this fall :).


Don’t you just love my wonderful bracelet that I got in Sanborns?!


And this beautiful jacket from Zara will be worn 24/7 as soon as I am in higher latitudes.


Of course combined with these great boots!


And let’s not forget these sunglasses for the last minutes of sun this year (no, let’s hope for more…!)


….and of course all combined with my cool old Pouva Start :).

A happy Monday to you all!!


Pinterest finds

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Some inspirations or just things to dream about that I found this week!:

Pumpkin Latte

It seems like everybody is talking about the Pumpkin Spice Latte these days, so I might just try this recipe.

Happy thoughtsThese are always good!


Doesn’t this picture of some floating markets in Thailand look so amazing?!?


I’ve actually recently tried this hairstyle and it looks pretty cool :), check out the tutorial!


 I know it’s not time for raspberries anymore, but this just looks delicious!



Or what do you thing about this little photography project?

What are some interesting ideas you got inspired by this week? I would love to read about your findings!


Where I would like to be #2

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Today I am dreaming of going back to the U.S. east coast. Good news is, I will be back just next week!!

IMG_5767 copy




IMG_7621 copy




What I am listening to #2

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What are you listening to these days? Do you have any good recommendations that I need to try/retry?


A Post on Mexican Food

September 24, 2014 § 2 Comments

Hey you guys, I hope you are all doing great!

Altogether I have been in Mexico already for about 6 months. Time for a post on the food! See yourself:

Let’s begin with breakfast, which is served around 11 am and starts of with a delicious serving of fruit. No matter whether it is mango, watermelon, apple, guava, tuna, grapefruit, papaya or orange, it’s always refreshing and gives you the perfect vitamin start for your day.

fruit salad with joghurt and oats

watermelon and herbal tea

The following dish is usually much bigger than I am used from breakfasts in Germany, the U.S. or even in China. Next to the light versions like sandwiches or any kinds of eggs (scrambled, omelet, sunny side up) the most popular and to me the most unusual breakfast dish is a huge piece of meat with some beans and salsa on the side. Another popular thing are all kinds of rolled corn tortillas filled with chicken, whether enchiladas rojas (with red salsa) or verde (green salsa) or enfrijoladas (covered with bean puree).

tuna sandwich

tuna sandwichIMG_3402



Around 3pm another hot meal is served, starting of with a soup or mexican rice (rice with tomato sauce and vegetables) and followed by tacos (any kind of filled corn tortilla), chicken with mole (a rich sauce made out of more than 100 ingredients, such as nuts, chile, chocolate, almonds, tortilla, cookies …), milanesa, pambazos (my favorite!), which is a certain kind of bread dipped in chile and filled with potatoes and chorzio, or sometimes even pasta.

creamy pea soup

creamy pea soup


Mole with chicken


pambazo con papas y chorizo

pambazo con papas y chorizo

And of course let’s not forget about the corn tortillas that are served with almost every meal!


Late at night (9/10 pm) another small meal is served, usually some kind of sweet bread with milk. On special occasions however it can be tamales, a traditional dish made out of corn (masa) and flavored either sweet or with salsas and chiles, served with atole, a sweet drink made out of rice or corn.

tamal con atole

Have a wonderful Thursday!


Nature or Nurture – a third angle to look at it

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Nature or Nurture was one of the first things I learned in my psychology classes. It’s one of the biggest debates in our scientific field and raises the question of the origin of our personality. Why do we behave the way we do, how did we get these certain characteristics of ours? Is it because of our genes or because of our environment? Should we chose carefully the partner we will have kids with or better what we will surround our children with?

I learned about several experiences according to this topic, one of the most famous being the rat experiment by Tyron, who was checking the differences that enriched vs. restricted environments had on offsprings of bright versus dull rats. His findings showed a tendency towards genes influencing our personality and behavior instead of simply our environment.

But up until today there have always been findings for one or the other side and a concrete answer is still missing (well, if there even is one at all).

Recently I found this article Nature or Nurture – Is all about the messagea  study on the topic conducted by the Michigan State University. The researchers state letting a person know that intelligence evolves from environmental factors and therefore you do have a chance influencing it by working harder makes people success way more than telling them it’s simply genetics. Sounds logical, right?

This helps me to put some of my thoughts into words. Also I think that it doesn’t matter too much whether it is genetics or the environment. It is more important in what way we receive it and what we make out of it!

What do you think? Do you agree or have a total different opinion (even if you are not really into psychology, I think this is still something that concerns us all….)?

Well, have a wonderful Tuesday and talk to you again tomorrow with something lighter, I promise :)!!


P.S.: If you want to read on, here is the full citation of the study I am referring to:

Hans S. Schroder, Tim P. Moran, M. Brent Donnellan, and Jason S. Moser. (2014). Mindset induction effects on cognitive control: A neurobehavioral investigation. Biological Psychology. doi:10.1016/j.biopsycho.2014.08.004

Herbstpläne/Plans for the fall

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With fall about to start I would love to share with you my list of fall activities that I definitely want to get done this year. I love this time of the year, when days get shorter, the temperature drops, the leaves start to get colors and the winds become windier. Let’s see, how my plans work out!

As usual, feel free to leave a comment or two and let me know what you think!

And here is my list:

  • bake the wonderful Zwetschgenkuchen (plum cake) that ironically is a German recipe but I tried at first from my U.S. host mom baking it for my during my exchange year. You can find the recipe here: Zwetschgenkuchen
  • carve a pumpkin and prepare some wonderful fall decorations for our apartment just as here


  • bake halloween cookies for the first time ->


  • finally organize my tea-chaos, maybe like this

tea box

  • make this delicious looking mushroom soup (I can almost smell it already :))

mushroom soup the best in the world hearty organic perfect cream of mushroom soup

  • plant some fall plants, maybe like this one and plant bulbs for the spring just as here


  • try some DIYs that I keep pinning via pinterest but never start doing
  • start the new semester and get as much out of it as possible
  • and drink lots of homemade hot cocoa!

What are your plans for the fall? Let me know if you have some exciting ideas that I need to try!




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